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Active Versus Passive Management for International Funds? Yes.

The debate between active and passive fund management in institutional investing has been raging for years. Institutional as well as retail investors tend to believe passionately in one versus the other, but what evidence is there to support either approach? Passive...

International Investing: Active Management Allows Targeted Investing In An Uncertain Global Environment

FourThought Institutions discusses international investing and active management in an uncertain global environment.

An Introduction to Alternative Investments and Their Impact On Returns

Historically, alternative investments (alternatives) have been considered a viable investment strategy, as they invest across asset classes and regions, have different characteristics, and behave differently from traditional investments....

Our View: Fixed Income Investments

Balancing the need for liquidity in your portfolio with bond yields in a low interest environment is difficult, but not impossible.

April 27, 2020 Four Facts: The Energy Sector

Here is our latest version of "Four Facts with FourThought," featuring our Chief Investment Officer Patrick Baumann. This week's facts come from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and focus on oil and the energy sector.

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Our View: Fixed Income Investments

Our View: Fixed Income Investments

You can download a pdf version of this white paper by clicking HERE. HOW TO BALANCE THE NEED FOR LIQUIDITY WITH THE NEED FOR A YIELD THAT OUTPACES INFLATION IN TODAY'S MARKET  Most investors have at least a portion of their total portfolios allocated in fixed income....

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